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In recent years, there has been a growing demand in our country for the services of specialists who perfectly know what forensics is. And this demand is generated by companies, regardless of their organizational and legal form. As practice shows, the larger the firm, the higher the likelihood of corporate fraud. Both an ordinary specialist and the head of a department can be unclean. Or even the employee whom the management unconditionally trusts. Position and status are not important, absolutely anyone who wants to enrich themselves in a simple and illegal way can become a corporate fraud.

It often happens that the business owner or managers do not even suspect that fraud is taking place in the company. The identification of such facts occurs, as a rule, completely by chance or during unscheduled, large-scale inspections, and to carry out such inspections, outside specialists are invited who are not interested in the results.

What to do if the fact of corporate fraud is revealed? First of all, it is necessary to identify the circle of persons involved and return all the stolen assets. A secondary task is to develop a list of measures and implement them in life, which will help to avoid corporate fraud or minimize risks in the future.

Forensic: what is it?

What is it – forensic. This term began to be used in ancient Rome. In those days, such a procedure was understood as a public statement of the accused and the prosecutor. Both sides made public speeches. One must prove the guilt of the other person, and the other must refute it. The conclusions were based on the persuasiveness and completeness of the arguments.

Today forensics is a procedure for a comprehensive audit of each structural unit, department. The set of activities and the algorithm differ depending on the goal set for forensics.

Here are the main points that specialists pay attention to during forensics:

  • accounting documents;
  • financial and economic reporting;
  • internal control;
  • access control;
  • conflict of interest;
  • corporate policy;
  • results of audits and other inspections for the past reporting period;
  • the presence of debts;
  • liquidity of the company;
  • firm profitability;
  • the level of salaries of employees.

If there are suspicions that assets or part of the profits are being withdrawn from the company, other methods are used to declassify fraudulent schemes and, in some cases, identify fraudsters.

On a note! The mandatory part of forensics in order to identify corporate fraudsters is HUMINT, i.e. conversation (survey) of employees. Such a procedure can be carried out with absolutely every employee of the company or with a separate segment, and possibly with individual employees from different structural divisions.

What is forensic for?

Forensics is recommended not only in case of suspicion or in case of revealing the fact of corporate fraud. Such a complex procedure allows:

  • analyze the performance of employees;
  • evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of all business processes;
  • find out how well the business is doing;
  • make a list of risks;
  • select the optimal measures aimed at minimizing risks;
  • find the culprit in corporate fraud.

As a rule, forensics is conducted not by one person, but by several specialists who have exceptional knowledge in various industries:

  • law enforcement officers;
  • lawyers;
  • economists;
  • analysts;
  • auditors.

The main tasks of forensics

Forensic is a collection of virtually limitless business opportunities. With this procedure, it is possible:

  • conduct corporate intelligence;
  • check a startup;
  • check partners, contractors;
  • collect the necessary evidence.

On a note! Audit and forensics are not identical concepts. Forensics specialists analyze not only legal and financial documents, but also study all processes, operations and even verify the identity of employees.

If you need an accurate, detailed, legal, financial analysis, identifying all illegal or dubious nuances, searching for corporate fraudsters and bringing them to justice, forensics will help. Only with an integrated approach of a group of specialists is it possible to achieve your goals and protect your business.

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