ForensicPro provides its clients with a full package of legal services for business, and also participates in litigation, helps to resolve disputes.

Business is an incredible skill to make the right decisions in the face of uncertainty. This line of business is always inseparable not only from risks, but also legal problems that may arise in the course of doing business.

These include, for example:

  • intracorporate disputes;
  • problems with tax authorities;
  • cooperation with unscrupulous counterparties;
  • labor disputes, etc.

In order for the business to bring only profit and not problems, the work of a lawyer in this area should not be underestimated. Necessarily a specialist in the field of jurisprudence must be either on the staff of the company, or it is necessary to regularly resort to legal outsourcing services.

Hiring a person, concluding a contract, challenging violation of contractual obligations, checks, etc. – all this requires legal intervention. Not only the well-being of a small company or a large corporation depends on competent legal support, paperwork and solving current problems, but first of all, the safety of business activities.

For large enterprises, it is imperative to hire legal advisers, and possibly an entire legal department. But for small and medium-sized businesses it is inappropriate to do this. With minimal financial costs, you can get excellent legal support thanks to legal outsourcing.

The cost of legal outsourcing directly depends on the complex, the volume of services. If necessary, it can be combined with a financial one. For this, economists and accountants are involved in the work.

List of the most common legal services for business
Юридические услуги бизнесу

There are enough qualified lawyers and lawyers in the legal market of Ukraine who specialize in business support. But not all company owners, regardless of their organizational and legal form, try to seek legal assistance in a timely manner.

But it is no longer necessary to enlist the support of a specialist at the initial stage, when a decision has just been made to open a business or optimize, expand an existing business, choose new directions, etc. This has several advantages:

  • correct preparation of all documents;
  • selection of the optimal taxation system;
  • prevention of labor, corporate disputes;
  • preventing fraud within the company.

As already mentioned, it is not always advisable to keep one or more lawyers on the staff of an enterprise. That is why legal outsourcing is gaining popularity. What it gives:

  • configured links;
  • concise, clear resolution of disputes and issues;
  • economic advantage;
  • rational management of working time;
  • many years of successful experience in similar areas;
  • impeccable reputation.

Today, the most relevant and popular legal services for business activities include:

  1. Help at the stage of registration (preparation and development of constituent documents, support of the registration procedure).
  2. Total support and legal support in all aspects of contract work (negotiations with contractors, drafting contracts, protocols of disagreements).
  3. Conducting claims work, appealing against decisions of supervisory and regulatory authorities.
  4. Judicial settlement of disputes (drafting statements of claim, other necessary procedural documents, participation in court hearings, performing work at the stage of enforcement proceedings).
  5. Comprehensive, complete, objective verification of the legitimacy of documents and all, without exception, business processes at any stage, in all directions.
  6. Tender work (preparation of proposals, participation in competitive bidding).
  7. Copyright protection.
  8. Patenting and licensing of certain types of activities.
  9. Ensuring the safety of commercial secrets.
  10. Regular due diligence.
  11. Labor dispute resolution.

The legal services that are provided for business do not end there. Their list is much longer. What kind of legal instrument should be chosen, and what to do, the lawyer will decide only after an objective assessment and study of the current situation.

While all the legal burdens will fall on the shoulders of a lawyer, the business owner will be able to deal with their immediate tasks – to develop a personal business and perform work aimed at increasing the volume of profits.

Споры в компанииDisputes in the company, legal assistance

In the course of business, various corporate disputes arise every now and then. Various subjects – co-founders, employees, managers and subordinates – can act as participants in a disputable legal relationship.

There are several main types of corporate disputes:

  • establishment of a new legal entity;
  • reorganization or liquidation of a business entity;
  • declaring the entity bankrupt;
  • issue of securities;
  • transactions in which the assets of the firm play a key role.

Disputes can arise in any direction of the company management. Often, such situations are created by employees who are dissatisfied with the work performed, the level of wages, the requirements of the management, disciplinary action, etc.

In this area, the main task of a lawyer is to settle a dispute, find an optimal solution (preferably in a peaceful way, bypassing court proceedings). It is also necessary to identify the cause of the dispute and select the appropriate tools that will further avoid the appearance of such problems.

Disputes can appear not only within the company, but also outside it, for example, with regulatory authorities, counterparties. The resulting conflict of interest hinders fruitful work and constructive dialogue. It is for the purpose of settling such situations that it is advisable to involve a freelance specialist – a lawyer.

How will a specialist help:

  • will try to settle the dispute out of court on mutually beneficial terms;
  • prepare a claim;
  • draw up a statement of claim;
  • will represent the interests of the parties in the court session;
  • conduct a legal audit, identify the weaknesses of the company;
  • make proposals for improving work (including safety);
  • negotiate with the parties to the conflict;
  • will identify possible (real and potential) risks;
  • will protect the interests of the party.

Legal advice for business
Юридическая консультация бизнеса

Consulting is considered one of the activities of a lawyer and a separate type of legal services. They can be different – face-to-face and remote, preliminary and regular. In short and clearly, legal advice is a solution to your problem in the shortest possible time.

Through conversation, study of the issue, analysis of documents, a lawyer can not only assess the current situation, but also suggest solutions to the existing problem. If necessary, it will also help to optimize the business process and protect it in the future from similar situations.

What kind of legal advice are there? They can be divided into several areas regarding business:

  • taxation;
  • creation of a business entity or change of its organizational and legal form;
  • bankruptcy procedure;
  • execution of contracts;
  • analysis of transactions;
  • tax audits;
  • accounts payable and receivable;
  • registration of loans in banking institutions;
  • any questions related to labor legislation;
  • corporate law;
  • criminal law;
  • economic law.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that a lawyer is a permanent figure in any business. Even if you have a whole staff of economists, managers and highly specialized specialists working for you, you will not be able to do without legal support. Please note that for the full-fledged development of the business, verification of the legitimacy of documents and processes, it is not necessary to introduce the position of a legal adviser into the staffing table. You can conclude a subscription service agreement with a legal company or one-time outsourcing.

You can be sure that all information that became known to third-party specialists during the execution of work will remain confidential. At the same time, business owners receive a 100% guarantee for the high quality of legal services provided and the solution of any legal issues and corporate problems.