ForensicPro provides corporate fraud investigation services in Ukraine. Details by phone, which is indicated on the website.

The definition of “corporate fraud” includes a set of actions of persons inside the company and outside, as a result of which the company loses assets and profits. Such actions include theft of employees, and the use of insider information for personal gain, and the accrual of excessive bonuses to top managers, and the sale at a reduced value of the company’s property.

In Ukraine, the field of activity related to corporate fraud investigations is a new direction of services for business. Along with this, ForensicPro has all the necessary resources to work effectively in this area. By identifying risks or facts of violations, we help businesses build a strong system for protecting economic security.

Corporate Fraud Investigations

Corporate fraud leads not only to financial (material) losses, but also causes harm of a non-financial nature. For example, the decline in product quality through the hidden use of cheaper and lower quality components damages the company’s reputation.

Investigations into corporate fraud are an opportunity to nip at the root of violations that can lead to the decline, if not the collapse of the business. Such investigations are carried out by Forensic specialists, and are aimed at:

  • identification of the facts of fraud or confirmation of their absence;
  • search for the perpetrators;
  • collection of evidence to bring these persons to disciplinary, administrative or criminal liability;
  • recovery of compensation for damage caused.

Types of corporate fraud

Corporate fraud is carried out in three areas:

  1. Assignment of property by company employees
  2. Corporate corruption.
  3. Financial reporting manipulation.

In some cases, fraudulent actions are committed simultaneously by the same persons in two or even three directions. If the top management is involved in the scheme, the company’s losses reach critical indicators.

For your information! According to research by the Association of Certified Fraud Experts (ACFE), companies around the world lose more than $ 4.5 trillion annually from fraudulent activities.

In Ukrainian companies, the following common violations can be distinguished:

  • choice of “own” supplier on conditions unfavorable for the company;
  • “Parallel business” (if there are two founders);
  • “Dead souls” payment of salaries and other benefits to non-working employees;
  • Rollback: the sales manager sells the item at a reduced price and then assigns the difference.

When to Consider a Corporate Fraud Investigation

Many businessmen do not even know about the leakage of company funds into someone’s pockets. Corporate fraud is one of the best quality disguised offenses. However, with the support of an experienced Forensic specialist, violations can be detected at a time when they have not yet led to critical consequences.

Important! Among the alarming indicators:

  • close contacts of the manager with suppliers;
  • purchase of more and more raw materials with constant production volumes;
  • unreasonable changes in the procedure for filling out documents;
  • refusals of employees from vacations and transfer of cases to colleagues;
  • staff turnover, in particular – management personnel.

What can we offer our clients?

Forensic specialists of ForensicPro are ready to carry out complex work to identify and prevent corporate fraud using specialized tools. The investigation searches computer systems (ERP, CRM, BI, BPM) and collects data from a number of other sources.

Based on the results of the work, the customer receives a report with the facts of violations and recommendations for their elimination. We provide compliance services, including the development of recommendations for improving the corruption and bribery risk management system. Our help is an opportunity to improve your business by eliminating the factors that drain it.