Forensic services in Ukraine

ForensicPro — the only company of its kind in Ukraine that works in the field of business interests.

We protect the assets and financial resources of business owners from management fraud and external influences. We conduct independent internal investigations in companies for theft and other malicious actions in the interests of shareholders.

The result of our activity is the elimination of resource leaks with a subsequent increase in the profitability of enterprises. In the interests of our clients, we take over competitive assets of interest to them, encumbered with financial liabilities or other areas of business.

In the event of difficult situations with the repayment of loan obligations, which may become an instrument of takeovers, or the destruction of a business, ForensicPro organizes the restructuring of monetary obligations by banking structures or the redemption of financial obligations in factoring companies into related structures.

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Investigation of Fraud and Corruption

Are there any suspicions that company employees are engaged in corruption or fraud within the company? Our professionals will investigate and find violators.

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Disputes and litigation

We will protect your interests in court and provide professional legal advice.

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What is forensic?

Forensic is an English-speaking word and this activity, as you understand, is widely popular in the West and has been actively introduced in our country in recent years. What it is? Forensics is usually understood to mean not a specific person, but complex services aimed at detecting fraud, corporate problems and situations in the company.

Specialists who specialize in forensics are distinguished separately. Most often these are lawyers, lawyers who conduct their independent investigations using certain tools. The main goal is to find an unscrupulous employee of a firm, enterprise and bring him to justice.

Forensics allows not only to identify the circle of guilty persons, but also to bring them to legal responsibility – administrative, civil or criminal. Such a subject will not only be punished, but will also be obliged to compensate the damage caused to the enterprise, which is very beneficial for the business owner.

To have an even clearer idea of this direction, you need to understand what services are included in the forensic framework. The following services are distinguished:

  • detailed, objective verification of individuals and legal entities in order to determine their reliability;
  • identification of the possibility of significant influence on other business entities or individuals;
  • support of various transactions;
  • legal and informational support of cases during consideration in court;
  • detection and identification of all kinds of assets located on the territory of Ukraine and abroad;
  • total analysis of possible risks, etc.

One of the main advantages of forensics is the investigation of corporate disputes, corruption and fraud. They can manifest themselves in money laundering, illegal use of confidential information, withdrawal of assets, etc.

Types of fraud and corruption within the company

Fraudulent and corrupt practices occurring within an individual enterprise or company, regardless of the organizational and legal form, can be conditionally divided into the following groups:

  1. Depending on the subject.
  2. By the nature of the act committed.

The first group includes:

  • Theft of funds, assets and / or their waste committed by an employee, i.e. hired worker. This category is one of the most extensive. It can include various types of acts, for example, introducing fraudulent information into financial reporting documents in order to obtain illegal profit or profit, selling goods, overpricing services or goods in fact, and not legally, taking possession of checks, material values, theft of cash, etc. .d.
  • Fraudulent acts committed by management personnel. Most often, a business suffers from falsification of accounting documents. The managerial staff, without the knowledge of the business owner, performs various actions with accounting data, in which they introduce distorted information about the company’s receivables and payables.
  • Fraud by investors (or with investors). Most often, such illegal acts are expressed in attracting third-party assets to projects that, as a result, do not give anything, and the money received remains in the accounts of fraudsters.
  • Fraudulent activity by suppliers. It consists in the conclusion of appropriate contracts with a clearly inflated value of goods, the supply of goods, various products with defective or inadequate quality, etc.
  • Fraud on the part of a client or customers. Such acts may manifest itself in improper performance of the terms of the contract, for example, non-payment of a certain amount for goods or services, evasion of obligations assumed.
  • Unlawful actions of employees. Most often it is expressed in forgery of documents. This may be associated not only with the purpose of appropriating funds, but also for obtaining a high-paying job, occupying a certain position. Of course, later on, the performance of the work by an unqualified employee, endowed with a number of powers, can lead to loss of profit.

The second group includes:

  • a one-time commission of a fraudulent act (we are talking about petty theft);
  • systematic commission of unlawful acts in order to receive a regular wage supplement;
  • internal entrepreneurial activity (considered one of the most dangerous acts when a person has the right to dispose of funds and make large, significant financial decisions).

Who needs forensic services?

It is imperative to seek professional help immediately when your company:

  • purchases of goods and services are constantly increasing, but at the same time the turnover of the company and production remain unchanged for a long time;
  • counterfeit goods, substandard, falsified products were found;
  • gradually, for no apparent reason, sales and, accordingly, profits decrease;
  • there are constantly complaints from regular and new customers about the quality of products or services / works performed;
  • the expenses of individual employees clearly do not correspond to the level of income.

If you notice any of the above signs, contact a forensic professional. Currently, such services are required for:

  • conclusion of major transactions;
  • reorganization of a business entity;
  • bringing the company to a new level, a new market segment.

We remind you again that fraud is often found in small companies with a small number of employees. In this case, it is better to regularly contact specialists and conduct an independent economic investigation.

How is the investigation carried out?

First of all, forensics specialists need to carry out a complete identification of each employee, which consists not only in verifying the identity according to passport data or characteristics. This also includes the following checks:

  • previously committed criminal or administrative offenses, in particular in the financial sector;
  • archival information;
  • property of a person;
  • tax returns;
  • family ties;
  • credit history;
  • media activity.

After that, a detailed audit of individual links, structural divisions of the company is performed.

Forensics specialists approach each investigation individually, choosing the appropriate, necessary tools for the investigation.

Generally speaking, the following stages can be distinguished in the investigation:

  1. Analysis of the situation, search for facts, collection of materials.
  2. Formulation of tasks and modeling.
  3. Build version.
  4. Conclusions and offers.


Forensic services are just gaining popularity. If you want your business to work like clockwork, and employees, clients and contractors to be conscientious, periodically resort to the services of professionals who are engaged in forensics.

This type of activity can be perfectly combined with legal and financial audit. Of course, the best option is to create a security service at the firm, as well as employ a lawyer. If it is financially unprofitable or impractical, along with the above services, legal outsourcing is provided. Preventing a problem is always easier than solving and eliminating the consequences.

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